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The first Barracuda was a comic book collector who was tricked by the Silver Ghost, an enemy of the Freedom Fighters. Under the disguise of Americommando, the Ghost convinced the fan and another friends to be transformed into Barracuda ( a comic-book character in his world and a Namor look-a-like) and join them as the Crusaders, with the mission to capture Uncle Sam. But when Silver Ghost revealed his true nature, Barracuda tried to oppose him but was soon submitted.

The second Barracuda was an inhabitant of earth-8. He was a member of the Extremists and his spy inside the Meta Militia. Most of the time he appears a a green skinned humanoid, but his real form was close to an antropomorphic piranha. He was killed by Jason Todd, when the Challengers from beyond were trying to run away from the Extremists.

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