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After Nathan Cross escapes from the tribe of Princess Tiger Lily, he falls to the water and swims for a cove.  While in the cove he is attacked by mermaids, but he is subsequently rescued by Barr and his band of pirates.  Barr tells Nathan the story of how he got there, specifically that he used to be a ruler of Neverland before being deposed by Pan.  He now intends to use Nathan's power to depose Pan from power and return Neverland to the way that it was.  He also reveals that it was him that allowed Nathan to escape the first time he escaped from Neverland.  He did this because he knew Nathan would return one day and more powerful  With Nathan leading the assault the pirates are driven back.  However, later Wendy convinces him to return to attack Pan, of which he is ultimately successful. 
Some time later Nathan is shown in New York City where brutal attacks are occurring and it arouses his suspicion when Tinker Belle appears.  He journeys back to Neverland and finds the land in ruin.  As he investigates he finds that Barr has resumed control of the realm and has reverted to his version of tyrannical rule as opposed to Pan's.  Nathan tries to fight him, but Barr can negate his power.  Barr intends to draw the entire city of new York into Neverland but he is ultimately stopped by the group of heroes.  

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