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Note: Not to be confused with the similar Catwoman villain Blitzkrieg.

Baroness Blitzkrieg

Baroness Blitzkrieg

Little is known of the Nazi-themed speedster supervillainess named Baroness Blitzkrieg. She appeared recently as a member of The Fourth Reich, a team of Nazi-themed supervillains. Violent and ruthless in the way that she kills, she runs straight through her victims, turning them into a pulpy, red spray. Her connection to the Baron Blitzkrieg, other than the fact that they have the same name and similar clothing, has yet to be revealed.

She is the number one foe of Jesse Quick.

Powers and Abilities

Blitzkrieg vs "Frau Belle" (Jesse Chambers)

Baroness Blitzkrieg is a speedster who's speed is not yet fully established as of how fast she can truly go. She has been shown to be able to keep up with both Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick though defeated by both. It is also unknown as to where she gains her speed. If she gains it from the Speed Force, like most speedsters, it has never been clearly established.

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