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Winters studied in another realm of reality where he fell in love with another student. Their short-lived relationship produced a son, Gowon, who for many years hated his father's uncaring attitudes. Winters eventually settled down in Washington D.C. where he dabbled in the arcane arts. His mansion is somehow connected to a time stream which allows the Baron or his NIght Force to move from one century to the next with apparent ease. Winters rarely leaves the mansion, and then it is only to visit a time other than our own. He prefers to remain inside with his pet Leopard, Merlin. Baron Winters' cloak becomes an exhibit at a magic museum.

Other Media

On the pilot episode of NBC's Constantine, a friend of John Constantine is mentioned. He is called Jasper Winters. He is deceased, and his abilities to see the supernatural have been passed onto his estranged daughter.

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