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Baron Tyrano is kept alive through scientic endeavors that he has funded with his multi millions. He is paralyzed from his neck down and kept alive by a life support system that has brought him the name of the man in the iron lung.

Baron Tyrano studied the hero Green Lantern and discovered he was Hal Jordan. Tyrano sent his henchmen to lure the hero to his estate and was able to successfully divide the Green Lantern persona and the Hal Jordan persona with a secret missile. Tyrano wanted to transfer his mind into the Green Lantern persona to gain mobility. He was foiled in the attempt by Hal Jordan and Hal was able to unite with his Green Lantern persona.

Tyrano bided his time and sent seven replicas gainst the newly earthbound Green Lantern Corps. The members simutaneously attacked and the backlash placed Tyrano in critical condition.

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