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Baron Ruthven is also alluded to as Dr. Ruthven or just Ruthven. He has many of the traditional powers associated with Vampires such as phasing in a mist form, hypnotism, and vampirism. In addition to this, he wears a black bat-like suit with bat wings and a helmet. He basically looks like the Max Schreck or Klaus KInski version of Dracula called Count Orlock. His legs appear to be goat-like.

Because of his nature being based in magic he was able to bring Superman down to the point of nearly converting him into a vampire. Were it not for a timely intervention on the part of the demonic Blaze, Superman would have fallen.

Blaze called forth a bright sun-like light which distracted Ruthven long enough for Superman to regain the upper hand. Ruthven was impaled upon the sword point of a statue.

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