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Baron Rockler was created by Mike Friedrich and Chic Stone.

Major Story Arcs

When King Jerald, ruler of the Kingdom of Grand Rapids in North America of Earth-7511 transported himself to Earth-616, his daughter, Princess Susan, took over in his stead. Baron Rockler and his wife, Baroness Rockler, however, sought to take the throne for themselves and prepared to stage a coup.

King Jerald eventually returned to Earth-7511, bringing Iron Man and Firebrand along with him. They were initially ambushed by Rockler's soldiers, who attempted to keep Jerald from retaking the throne. Iron Man was able to defeat Rockler's forces, disgracing him and leading his wife to poison him for his failure. Baroness Rockler then formed a partnership with Firebrand in an attempt to seize the throne for herself.

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