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Baron Eckhart is a vampire who has worked for Sifa Grent for countless years.  She used to hold power over him by using the Ancient Fang, but lately the fact that the other vampires might turn against him if not for Sifa's power, has been enough to keep him inline.


 The Baron was created as a character for the Magic the Gathering series

Major Story Arc

Magic the Gathering
The Baron has been working with Sifa for sometime now and he and his gang of vampires has just killed Stefan, a well known Cathar.  They are about to kill Ingrid and some other peasants when Dack Fayden steps in.  Ingrid and the peasants get away but the Baron is able to catch Dack.  The two fight but when Dack pulls out the Ancient Fang, Baron Eckhart flies away, knowing the true power of the Fang.  Back at his castle the Baron threatens Sifa but she proves she has more control of him then he thought. She then beats him in front of his vampire subjects proving she has control, but after the subject leave Sifa reveals it was a ruse and without the Fang she is powerless against the vampires.
Later when Dack and Ingrid track Baron Eckhart back to his castle, the Baron tries to ambush them but Dack uses a spell and the Fang to control the Baron's own vampires.  Dack is going to finish off the Baron but he hints at the fact that Sifa is in town right now and Dack needs to ride off leaving the Baron's fate in Ingrid's hands.

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