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Barbie was a resident of the same apartment building as Rose Walker, the dream vortex. She was happily involved with a man called Ken. They were a typical "yuppie" couple. While she was still married with Ken, Barbie used to dream of being a princess in a world called "The Land", where she was fighting to save her world and her subjects from a being called the Cuckoo.

Rose Walker - The person responsible for Barbie being unable to dream
When Rose Walker's dream vortex abilities woke them up the effect left Barbie unable to dream.

The relationship between Ken and Barbie broke down. She moved to New York and tried to redefine herself. She became very close with a transsexual named Wanda and two lesbians named Hazel and Foxglove. They all lived in the same apartment building. Two other residents were Thessaly, secretly a millennia year old witch, and a quiet man called George.

One day while she was out with Wanda, she encountered Martin Tenbones in the middle of Manhattan. Martin was one of the fantasy creatures Barbie dreamed of as a child. Martin had traveled from the  Dreaming to give Barbie the Porpentine, a quartz amulet of great power. Martin tried to warn Barbie of the Cuckoo before he was gunned down by the NYPD.

Barbie dreamt for the first time in years as a result of the Porpentine and returned to the Land. While she slept, George, an agent of the Cuckoo, made his move and tried to disable of all Barbie's housemates and hurt Barbie. His plan was foiled by Thessaly, resistant to his magic, and she kills him. She, along with Foxglove and Hazel, traveled into the Dreaming with Foxglove and Hazel. The way Thessaly traveled to the Dreaming created a hurricane, causing destruction in the waking world. While all four women were in the Dreaming, Wanda died in the storm.

Barbie honoring her friend Wanda
In the Dreaming Barbie is captured by the Cuckoo who looks just like her as a girl. The Cuckoo wanted to destroy the dream land so she could go free and to do this she needed the Porpentine. The Porpentine becomes a monolith and the cuckoo attempts to destroy it. The dream king Morpheus is summoned by this action.

Morpheus destroys the dream land. It was only one dream land in the dreaming. He grants Barbie one boon. She takes the "Dorothy option" and asks that she and her friends are taken back to the real world safe and sound. The Cuckoo then escapes.

When Barbie returns to the real world. Her home has been destroyed by Thessaly's sorcery and Wanda is dead. Barbie goes to Wanda's funeral. Her family was very close minded and refused to accept Wanda as "Wanda" as they were devout Christians and disliked Barbie for her acceptance of Wanda.

After the funeral Barbie visits Wanda's grave on her own. The tombstone reads Alvin Mann. Barbie writes Wanda's name on her tombstone in red lipstick as a tribute to her friend.

She later sees Wanda standing next to Death. Wanda looks like a true female. Barbie likeness her to Glenda the good witch.

She hasn't appeared since.

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