Why It's about Time Barbara Gordon Became Batgirl Again

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#151 Posted by greenenvy (580 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah I agree just staying as oracle makes her a more powerful and realistic character than her as bat girl. Bat girl returning is still fun and exciting thou. So I don't now will the killing joke just be a story in the past and just no longer be essential to bat girl's history? Thats a little waste but killing joke will always be one of the best stories ever. 

#152 Posted by Omega-Man (774 posts) - - Show Bio

I just have to post on this again after reading a few comments and well...
Some people I know it's your opinion and you are entitled to it, like most who are pro to Barb becoming Batgirl once more, I grew up with her as Batgirl myself. But I don't like this idea plus think of it this way, excluding character development and what she stands for as an icon to disabled people.
You want her so bad to be batgirl you are willing to give Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown the boot out of continuity to get it? Thats cold really cold. I don't care how popular Barb is or how classic she is, she does not deserve to be back in the title and to have two other characters get the boot. How can that be making things better? you destory two fan bases of two characters just to get one in an old role.

#153 Posted by deadpool2099 (32 posts) - - Show Bio

I think if they play this out right; they could finally have some continuity between the beyond future section of dc, and the present that way they can speed up the process and finally introduce some brand new ****. Sorry but I can't stand the way they keep trying to surface THE SAME OLD PLOT POINTS AND CHARACTERS OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO A POINT WHERE IT ALL BECOMES BORING! Make a new line up already! People like brand new items to embrace, why aren't comic books doing the same thing?
#154 Posted by Durakken (1591 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm conflicted on this... 
Stephenie Brown and Cassandra Cain are two of the best characters in the DCU and this pretty much erases them while taking Barbara Gordon backwards as a character and an Icon. 
On the other hand i've always wanted to read a Batgirl I series and Gail Simone is one of the few writers that in my opinion are actually doing not only a good job but a great job of writing great stories...  
So I'm both happy that it's sorta going to be ok with her... but it's still stupid. 
The correct way of getting what I want would have been to create a Decade 1 series for New Earth and write Batgirl I, Robin I, Batman I, etc taking place between Y0 and Y10. They could have it so they write these titles in 6 issues arcs and then if hey don't have any new ideas for that char or want to focus on another char they could. It would be so much better all around.

#155 Posted by sa5m (2100 posts) - - Show Bio

I am happy to have her back =)

#156 Posted by BradBrains (59 posts) - - Show Bio

this hurts both the birds series and stephanie brown. unstoked by all this. hopfully at least gail simone gets some good stories out of it but this and dick grayson not as batman anymore are the two things im looking forward to the least with this reboot

#157 Posted by tonis (6183 posts) - - Show Bio

great article Sara.

Barbara is a special character in the DCU. After the killing joke I felt crushed at how they handled her until BoP. There they really showed why she's such an amazing woman.

It's sad to see her give up the Oracle persona, but I'm happy to see her returning to the Batgirl mantle. She has and always will be the perfect Batgirl and I can't wait to see how Gail Simone handles this transition back to the cape.

#158 Posted by Joe_Amazing (102 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry to have to disagree with the majority of the people on this topic, but I for one am happy to see Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl.  As someone who never read any of the story's with Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, I don't feel I'm losing anything.  In anything, I'll be seeing the ORIGINAL Batgirl back in action.
How quickly some people forget.

#159 Posted by jubilee042 (1345 posts) - - Show Bio

oracle nnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she has to be oracle she is awesome that way

#160 Posted by MrDirector786 (43641 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really like having her go back as Batgirl. I like her more as Oracle because of the things she's done to help out other heroes.

#161 Posted by Fantasgasmic (1033 posts) - - Show Bio

I know it's late and nobody is reading this thread again, but today's Gutters really summed up my worst fears about Babs getting to be batgirl again. 

#162 Posted by androiddreamer (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Frickin' terrible idea. The one thing that was always permanent in DC has been that Barbara is crippled and that is what makes her more interesting. Having her be able to walk again just irritates me endlessly. Bah.

#163 Posted by dreadfirecomics (9 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the idea of Batgirl being restored to how she was but Oracle seems to stand for a lot that im not quite sure the world should lose out on just yet. It would have been cool if she remained Oracle and passed the mantle down in this storyline, but hey, I still think its going to be great and I doubt anyone is going to be displeased enough to not get involved.

#164 Edited by Xenozoic Shaman (404 posts) - - Show Bio

Is it just me, or does the top image of Batgirl, look ever-so-slightly like Gail Simone?  Perhaps it's a subtle tribute by the artist?  Adam Hughes?

#165 Posted by Mercy_ (91871 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to agree with Jill Pantozzi on this one.

#166 Posted by PrincessSolaria (151 posts) - - Show Bio

Although Barbara is not one of my favorite characters, I think the fact no longer being oracle, it would a loss, which for me personally is a great fail on the part of DC comics.The question I pose is, as will make the DC to make Barbara walk again?

#167 Posted by Xenozoic Shaman (404 posts) - - Show Bio

Reading this, I wondered why they simply didn't have Barbara use a Lazarus Pit to heal her back.  So I looked it up:  Barbara Gordon (Wikipedia): 
" Alex Ross and Paul Dini have made attempts to return the character to her original conception. Ross explains in an interview: 

Paul Dini had this idea of putting Barbara Gordon in the Lazarus Pit to revive her. . . . I thought it was a great idea, and we pitched then-Batman editor Denny O'Neil with these drawings of that costume design. The idea of using the red instead of the traditional yellow was meant to invoke the idea that coming from the Lazarus Pit, she was in a way, more compromised as a character...And...that went nowhere. Denny shot it down, because, according to him, everybody loves Barbara Gordon as Oracle and as a handicapped character. The theory was that DC didn't have enough handicapped characters, so they weren't going to do anything with Barbara as she was. And the design went into the drawer.
#168 Posted by BruceW (34 posts) - - Show Bio

Why Have Character Development at all, While were at it, Let's Make Dick Grayson Robin again!

#169 Posted by BruceW (34 posts) - - Show Bio

 I can understand how some like the idea of going back to the old ways, but That ruins all the development. I, for one, would LOVE to see Barbara back as Batgirl, but then what did she learn or accomplish,  The Wheelchair didn't Humble her apparently So it's like Joker never shot her.  I would be All for This, but I prefer a developed character, over a revamped one. Plus who is going to walk us through mission in Dc Universe Online now?

#170 Posted by TheBug (1069 posts) - - Show Bio

For myself there is something very disconcerting about the idea of referring to Barbara as “girl”. Its weird. I’m pretty sure that she’s older than Kate.

I really need to hear some substantial reasoning for why this is going to improve or “evolve” Barbara’s character. DC takes a woman who is a paraplegic master hacker with an expansive network of information, who leads an all female team of crime fighters, and regresses’ her back into another acrobatic rooftop dwelling caped vigilante, something the DCU is already saturated with. I’m bored already. Give me a better argument than, “oooh she can hook up with Dick Grayson now.”  I’m not against changes, or shifting the status quo, but this isn’t new or fresh. Honestly it just feels like fan service.  

Do something different DC. Surprise me.

*note that I am a huge fan of Barbara and BOP.

#171 Posted by Vance Astro (91403 posts) - - Show Bio

I have to say I like Babs better as Oracle.She's too old for the Batgirl stuff.Stephanie Brown is a better Batgirl anyway (YEA I SAID IT!)

#172 Posted by Durakken (1591 posts) - - Show Bio

btw...everyone that thinks this is a good move... Barbara gave up being Batgirl BEFORE she was paralyzed, not due to it.  
This means that the people in charge of this story don't know their own history which explains why they have to "reboot" instead of just being good writers, And/or Something bad is going to happen to Stephenie where Barbara isn't taking the mantle back, but rather taking it back up when there is noone there.

#173 Posted by Baal1986 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

To all fans of Oracle, here you can read my two cents: http://www.comicvine.com/barbara-gordon/29-5368/why-barbara-gordon-shouldnt-be-batgirl-again/92-617570/#1

#174 Posted by entropy_aegis (15432 posts) - - Show Bio
@Blindside002 said:
What about Cassandra and Stephanie! Where will they go?! 
#175 Posted by velle37 (6037 posts) - - Show Bio

Barbara Gordon will be Oracle again... 
She has a strong following in the handicapped community, and DC isn't going to disrespect them permanently... 
After Flashpoint these worlds are very different from current DC, it's just a venue for new stories, but the characters should return to normal eventually.........
#176 Posted by Bestostero (5590 posts) - - Show Bio

I want this for Barbara... but I'm very skeptical, I will be upset if they made her walk again only so she can get crippled again. 
I love and respect her as Oracle too, but its way long overdue for her to stand again.

#177 Posted by Grandmaster_Fro (44 posts) - - Show Bio

I perfer her as oracle

#178 Posted by allison_scag (41 posts) - - Show Bio

I think she was more effective as Oracle. Besides what happened to Cassandra Cain as Bat girl ?

#179 Posted by mikeclark1982 (422 posts) - - Show Bio

i know and like a girl who is in a wheelchair and she got into batgirl... she read this and was kinda irked, but hey, like folks have begun to say, this could be a cybernetic suit and out of the suit shes still in a wheelchair. we do not know, but this will intrigue me and see what happens. 

#180 Posted by mistersarcastic (324 posts) - - Show Bio

^ That's true. This is a relaunch after all, not a reboot. They're not rewriting everything as if they were pushing the reset button, so this costume could very well be the cybernetic one that Batman designed for her - but why is it purple underneath the cape? Why just make it yellow as well? It looks so stupid. And hoping that Babs is still indeed disabled out of the suit, perhaps she'll still be Oracle in a way. As in, she'll use her resources and computer networking skills and such to track down whatever baddies for herself and the Bat-fam and then she throes on her suit. Maybe if they go that route hardcore Oracle fans won't get as big of a slap in the face as we might think they will, and Babs probably won't be rooftop jumping and swing by grapples in every issue. *shrugs* just a thought.  
And while I'm on that theory, perhaps Tim Drake took her place for a while? The quota describing his new background says he "step out from behind the keyboard". Perhaps after discovering who Bruce was he was put to some good use behind the computer for Bat-fam, but also received some combative training? At least that would explain how he jumps into the RR suit and onto the Teen Titans.  
Either way you see it, we're still saying goodbye to an essential character that DC has developed over the years just because they want to experience nostalgia. Seems pretty lame to me. But I guess I'll keep an open mind and wait and see what happens this Sept. Whoopty-tah....

#181 Posted by redbaronmorganelli (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I have no qualms about this at all. I have been a fan of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and applaud this move. It has been too long already. I do hope they explain how she can walk again. Other than that, I am very happy to have Barbara back as Batgirl. That is the way it should be.

#182 Posted by Benuben (225 posts) - - Show Bio
#183 Edited by batfan1939 (370 posts) - - Show Bio

I think they should have made her Oracle in some sort of cybernetic suit -- possibly with emp/technopathy type powers (from the suit) with a time-limiting factor (the power source only lasts an hour or two per charge, and needs a day or more in between) -- since nobody else from her era is in their original identity: Dick is Nightwing, Donna is Troia (or does she not have an alias?), etc. Why can't she evolve further? Don't outright get rid of her paralysis, but in the world of comics, there's more than one way to skin a cat.

On an unrelated note: who here plays DC Universe Online? PM me, please.

#184 Posted by X9 (767 posts) - - Show Bio

Are you serious when you say you'd like if she weared a cybernetic suit? In an universe where alliens walk among us, high tech ships makes heroes travel through galaxies and magic REALLY exists, you think putting her in a robotic suit would be a better explanation of her recovery than a surgery?

What's the matter with you guys?!

Plus, the cybernetic thing wouldn't be a very practical accessory...

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