Why Barbara Gordon is Awesome

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I have time tonight so I'll write another one. I've written about Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain already. So, here, I'm writing about Barbara Gordon in my blog series "Why ___ is Awesome."

1. Admirable Personality

I always loved Barbara. As Batgirl, she was fun, happy, yet extremely mature. She has a caring heart. Babs isn't a hero out of dark tragedy or obsessive behaviors, but she wanted to fight bad guys and help people. It was said really well in "Batman: Hush" well Batman described Barbara as wanting to "seek justice" and "to rid the city of the evil that manifests itself here, even though she knew the risks." She is a confident, loving, dedicated young woman who is attractively intelligent and mature and has grown much over the years. Part of why she's such an enduring character is that fans, like me, are fond of her, appreciate her, and feel great sympathy for her when she was crippled.

2. Oracle

An essential part of her time in comics was when she was crippled by the Joker and became Oracle. Even though she had a major disability, Barbara was dedicated to fighting crime even if she couldn't do it physically. She is one of the smartest major characters in the DC Universe and she uses her skills to the best of her abilities. As Oracle, she became a crucial member of the Bat-family and leads the Birds of Prey.

3. Relationships

Because of her lovable personality and her lack of tendency to shut off everyone from her life, she creates great interactions and relationships with those around her. She served as mentors for Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown, and leads the Birds of Prey. She has a strong relationship with Batman and caught the heart of Ted Kord and Dick Grayson. No one likes a character that can only work alone and has terrible, boring interactions with other characters. Fortunately, Barbara isn't like that, which is a strong reason why she's awesome.

4. Dick Grayson

An expansion upon the previous point, is that I love her relationship with Dick Grayson. It is one of the most realistic, natural relationships in comics that I find myself always rooting for. They are two long-time friends who worked together, been together romantically, and trust each other completely. Dick has helped her "fly" again when her legs didn't work. And Barbara has always been the one to help him from going overboard and obsessive in his vigilantism. She's Dick source of humanity and a real life. This relationship that the two create makes both characters great.

5. Family Matters

An interesting dynamic added to Barbara Gordon's background is her family, which consists of her crime fighting father, James Gordon, her never-present mother, Barbara, and her psychotic killer brother, James Gordon Jr. Like her father, she wants to fight for justice and help Gotham City. It isn't hard to see that Barbara has received a lot of her admirable qualities from him. Her psycho brother has, in the last couple years, called for intriguing stories and tough decisions for Barbara, making her a stronger character.

6. Red-Heads, man.

Well? Do you love Barbara as much as I do? Comment below!

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The only exposure i have ever had of Barbara has been in the Batman Animated series but I always liked her personality and her always wanted for her and Dick to end up together but her being a red head is just the clincher for me red head super heroines are a weakness of mines.

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@humanrocket: hahah I love red heads with a fiery passion.

Batman: TAS was great and I fell in love with Barbara through that show. It's a fairly accurate representation of her younger self. Her and Dick were great, had strong chemistry, and we got to see both of them grow up together in the show.

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Barbara is my favorite batgirl, I have only read her new 52 series half way though. I liked her in The Batman a lot though.

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@batmannflash: it was a shame to see her become the complete opposite in batman beyond and I was shocked to find out that her and Bruce had a thing! But she will always be my Batgirl.

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@humanrocket: complete opposite? How so? I found it predictable that she ended up being the only one happy and married in Batman Beyond.

I was shocked because I saw it coming and for some reason, I like the relationship. Plus, it was hinted at in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

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@humanrocket: agreed. I think the Bruce + Barbara thing was a little weird...

Especially if Dick and her ever had kids i mean it would just get.... Awkward...

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@batmannflash: opposite in that she was not a fan of a new Batman and being against vigilantes but in later episodes and in the Joker Returns movie we see why she gave up being batgirl and not wanting any else to suffer like how Tim did.

No way imma have to see the movie again this weekend I don't remember that movie so much but want to see it just for the hints.

#8 Posted by HumanRocket (10719 posts) - - Show Bio

@deathstroke19: my memory is fuzzy on the Beyod series I don't know if they ever showed were Dick was. I do remember Barbra telling Terry that he should look up Dick one day that he has some great stories to tell too.

#9 Posted by batmannflash (6272 posts) - - Show Bio

@humanrocket: well I can understand that because like you said, she didn't want anyone else to suffer.

There was only this one scene where it was heavily hinted at.

#10 Posted by batmannflash (6272 posts) - - Show Bio

@humanrocket: they never showed Dick in the Batman Beyond show

#11 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (7514 posts) - - Show Bio

I agree. I think point 6 was your strongest.

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@humanrocket: they didn't show him but i was just saying it would have been really weird if they did.

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Nice blog, she is my favorite Batgirl.

#14 Posted by batmannflash (6272 posts) - - Show Bio
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I love me some Barbara Gordon! She's my favorite Batgirl (considering I don't know to much about the others like Stephanie for example). She's just on of those characters you can't help but have a high level of respect for because of her personality. I remember when I reading 'The Killing Joke' and literally dropping the book when she got shot by Joker. That made me hate Joker for a while but I finally got over it lol. Oh, and I'm also really enjoying her new 52 titles by Gail Simone, she's doing a fantastic job and I'm happy to see Barbara back as Batgirl :)

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I do but I'm afraid of that. I mean isn't she too much soap operey nowdays? *spoilers* And I mean this: Poor Ricky my love got his leg cut off. Sadness, dispair, sympathy and tears. He got better but now daddy shot him. Oh no! Sadness, dispair, sympathy and tears all over again. I don't hate it. I just thing there should be only a tough Barbara for a bunch of next issues just to balance things out.

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@el_taza: Yeah I see where you're coming from. I actually agree with that

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@batmannflash: Just like posting, images shouldn't have bad language in them either. Don't post them.

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The only exposure i have ever had of Barbara has been in the Batman Animated series but I always liked her personality and her always wanted for her and Dick to end up together but her being a red head is just the clincher for me red head super heroines are a weakness of mines.

What he/she said.

#21 Posted by X9 (824 posts) - - Show Bio

Cause she's a comic book redhead who is defined by her brains, not her look ;)

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