Who's your favorite Batgirl and Why?

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#1 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1530 posts) - - Show Bio

Who's your favorite Batgirl and why?  Barbara Gordon?  Cassandra Cain?  Or Stephanie Brown?

#2 Posted by Icarusflies (12522 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie! Just because!

#3 Posted by Sexy Merc (41971 posts) - - Show Bio

Barbara because she had the spunk and the mentality to want to do good and she's just the ideal Batgirl for me. She is Batgirl as Bruce is Batman. Cass is in second, I had to mention her.

#4 Posted by Sexy Merc (41971 posts) - - Show Bio

I like how this is in the Oracle thread instead of Batgirl.

#5 Posted by moshimoshi (62 posts) - - Show Bio

I used to really like cassandra untill i read batgirl year one
Barb all the way!

#6 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8888 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassandra Cain

#7 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15040 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie she has an interesting story and origin. She is also from my favorite era of characters in comics 

#8 Posted by EnSabahNurX (2294 posts) - - Show Bio

Barbara of course cassandra is a close second ^__^

#9 Posted by danhimself (22752 posts) - - Show Bio

toss up between Barbara and Cassie

#10 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio


#11 Posted by -chapel- (375 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie. Her costume kicks a$$, she was hot, and she was a mute!
#12 Posted by Sinestro2828 (1530 posts) - - Show Bio
@-chapel-:   I'm most familiar with Barbara Gordon myself, but I must admit that from what I'm seen of Cassandra online she was a much more badass and interesting Batgirl (and MUCH better than the current one)
#13 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (18976 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie, I love Babs, I grew up on her, but I've Cass is Batgirl to me.

#14 Posted by JCJQLB (2788 posts) - - Show Bio

Babs and Stephanie

#15 Posted by Mercy_ (92007 posts) - - Show Bio

Ugh. Toughie. 

#16 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23238 posts) - - Show Bio

Barbara followed very closely by Cassie. Though I like Steph too. The Batgirl mantle has been well preserved.

#17 Posted by queenfrost_ (2490 posts) - - Show Bio

Isn't there already a forum for this?

#18 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

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