Whoops, Babs..seems like you caused a death!

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"Upon the start of Batman: Battle for the Cowl, it appears that Damian is now residing in Gotham, and living under the command of Nightwing (to an extent). Where before Damian portrayed an arrogant and vicious personality, it appears the "death" of his father has regressed him to a more child-like mindset, as demonstrated when he takes the Batmobile joy-riding with an older girl. This is discovered by Oracle, who ejects the girl and takes control of the Batmobile, intent on taking Damian home. Unfortunately, the car is sidetracked by Killer Croc and Poison Ivy, who prepare to kill Damian. The older girl Damien was with is later eaten by Killer Croc "

So..umm..any thoughts?

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She shouldn't have been there in the first place.  Damian is just as responsible for starting the joyride... but ultimately she put herself in a position she shouldn't have been in.

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lol thats funny i think.
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More a funny goof than a serious mistake.
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