Whatever Happened to the Lazarus Pit?

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Now just about everyone who reads the title should know what this is about. However, for those of you that don't know writer Paul Dini once stated his failed proposal at putting Barbara in a Lazarus Pit, restoring her ability to walk and causing a lapse in her sanity. When I heard this proposal I was extremely disappointed that it did not go through. To me it contained a lot of potential for a strong story arc, filled with some of her darker emotions towards her condition. When I heard about "The Death of Oracle" I had strong hopes that DC was steering towards this plot. Since it clearly didn't, I want to hear what you guys have to say. Should it happen, should it not, how would you picture it happening?
I'll start off with my idea of the plot: It would likely start with Barbara being especially contemplative about her condition, possibly due to a bad op. with the Birds or Dick Grayson. This might then lead her to meeting with Damian, who conveniently knows his aunt's methods of reusing Lazarus Pits. She persuades him to help her with the Pit and keep everything a secret from any of their allies. Barbara is dipped in the Pit, likely the one located in the Batcave, and when she emerges her psyche has somewhat snapped. She swiftly overpowers Damian and exits the cave. Dick Grayson then finds the unconscious Robin and learns what happened. Barbara then commits some act that would be morally gray and some form of personal revenge. The Joker would be a prime candidate but I feel if that happened it would be a bit too similar to "Under The Red Hood." Dick makes the decision to stop her himself, convincing Bruce and possibly Commissioner Gordon to stay out of it. Dick and Barbara have an epic fight (hopefully both using escrima, I would find that pretty awesome) and Dick eventually prevails. Barbara breaks down in his arms and the two have something of a reconfirmation of each others' feelings. Barbara would still likely need to spend some time until her psyche is completely mended but that would likely be something to use for later side-plots.
What do you think?

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@reaperkenswolf: There's a pit in the cave?
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Yeah. Batman created it when he learned that the pits were needed to maintain the world's stability.
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what do you got against the handicap?!!! j/k

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@reaperkenswolf: Is it synthetic like the ones Kobra has?  I hope I don't come off like a jerk but what issue is it in?
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I know you were kidding but it's probably best to clarify this just in case. Barbara's handicap helped make her into an amazingly useful character. However, it has been 20 years and I think getting her ability to walk again would allow her to combine all the things she could do as Batgirl with all the things she does as Oracle. To those who say it would e offensive to real people with handicaps I'll explain that my aunt has been confined to a wheelchair for as long as I can remember. There is no miracle cure in the real world but the whole point of comics is to transcend reality.
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@junkmasterzero said:
" @reaperkenswolf: Is it synthetic like the ones Kobra has?  I hope I don't come off like a jerk but what issue is it in? "
Unfortunately I have no idea what issue. I simply obtained this information from this database as well as several other supporting wikis.
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@junkmasterzero said:
" @reaperkenswolf: Is it synthetic like the ones Kobra has?  I hope I don't come off like a jerk but what issue is it in? "
Batman/Ra's al Ghul Year:One.It was pretty much an epilogue to Ra's al Ghul after the events of Death and Maidens,but since Nyssa and the other developments from the said story have been brutally ignored,Ra's return and whatnot it's safe to safe there is a pit no more.Keep in mind Dick specially needed to search for a pit in Batman and Robin which took him all the way to England.
As for the OP's idea,i'm fine with Babs walking but NOT via the pit.They're overused and overexposed plot devices at this point,it's like everyone can find one in their gardens.Let's not let all the good concepts rot.
Riddler,Jason Todd,Black Canary etc WTF do these guys have to do with a pit?But atleast Canary's was in a well written story,Jason 'swas average and predictable.Riddler's just sucked.

Hey get in line folks,get your pits for nuthin.

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