What would happen if Oracle regained the use of her legs but...

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 I think it would be interesting for her to regain the use of her legs but not be able to act as a hero because she is no longer physically up to the challenge. No matter how hard she pushed herself physically her legs would never 
allow her to lead the life she had before. She would be able to walk but like someone who needed a cane for assistance. I think that would be a hard mental blow for her to take. While she was in the chair she had to accept 
her condition, adapt and move on. If she could walk again but not be able to do the things she was able to do before, that would be hard for her and interesting for us to see. Nothing would really change for her, she would still 
have what we would consider a normal life and nothing would stop her from being Oracle, but to be so close to diving off roof tops again but still not able to. How would she react? Any thoughts?

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One of the best things would be the amount of threads regarding the subject might diminish ever so slightly.

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I don't think it would be hard for her at all, she's already made her peace with giving up the cape.  

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