Should Barbara hand over Oracle to Chloe Sullivan?

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Even though she hasn't been 're'-introduced into the New 52, Chloe Sullivan has been known by many of her fans as the information broker Watchtower on the long-running TV Series Smallville. Now that Barbara Gordon, former information broker Oracle, has got out of the wheelchair and into the cowl again as Batgirl, should Chloe Sullivan return to the New 52 and take up the guise of Oracle (or even Watchtower)?

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@knightwing2036: No.


HELL F---- well you get what I mean.

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@TheCrowbar said:

@knightwing2036: No.


HELL F---- well you get what I mean.

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If Barb isn't using it than I don't see why not.

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Chloe Sullivan? You humour me.

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I'd rather they give it to Proxy.

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I don't really have a problem with this.

True, I like Barbara Gordon operating in that capacity, but since Chloe Sullivan is now established in DC Continuity (ha, continuity) I wouldn't have a problem with it.

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Absolutely not >:(

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That is definitely an interesting idea, though I'd rather see Chloe appear in a Superman story, though she doesn't have to know Clark let alone know Clark's secret or anything like that. I'd be fine with her being Jimmy's girlfriend again, or even Lois Lane's cousin.

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Actually I'd like to see that happening.

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i'd rather have someone more integrated with the superhuman community do it, like ted kord!

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I don't know if I would like to see Chloe Sullivan as Orcale, but I would love to see her in the New 52

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The shoe doesn't fit in this instance. So no is my answer.

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my dead plant makes more sense.

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