Poor identity protection alert!

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Am I the only one who's noticed? Batgirls mask must cover every area except the parts that reveal identity!!! 
Take a dominoe mask for example, it covers the nose and area around the eyes, thus hiding the most distinguishable part of a persons face, wheras Babs' has large areas around the eyes, mouth and nose... 
I do not get it at all... No wonder Robin worked it out so easily!!!
o Take a look at this picture on the left, I wouldn't know who that is if her name wasn't printed above her! 
You mightn't like to hear it, but did 'Batman and Robin' have it right?
o Wheras for the right, she's just lucky that goon's been shot by the killer moth! 
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god Alicia Silverstone was hot :D too bad the movie blew....
and I don't know I think Domino masks hide more than most people think. you'd be surprised who could throw on a tuxedo and a domino mask, and you would never know who it was.

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A domino mask. As if you wouldnt recognise them if you seen them. Cassandra cains mask is the way to go.
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Yes you are correct her mask well doesn't really protect her identity

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The only domino mask's that i have seen that do a decent job of hiding ones identity are Kyle Rayner's and Dick Grayson's as Nightwing. The one Damian uses is a good one to. To me the little tiny short one that looks like Zoro's is not enough to hide ones face.

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