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At New York Comic Con the Dc Universe panel they showed a new cover and story arc for the Birds Of Prey. Here is the cover:

What do you guys think about this? Will she really die? If she does for how long? And if she rises will she have the use of her legs back? So many questions what do you think about this? 
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I think the ideal of Oracles death would be an interesting title. Since the events of Blackest night, I don't think that Nekro really controls life and death, and heroes and villains coming back from the dead. I totally think that there is a higher reason why heroes come back from the grave. During the story arc of, "The Death Of Oracle", if she does die, I want to see the Bat-family all at her funeral. With Bruce in the middle, and other members around him. That would be really cool. Maybe, if Oracle dies, Bruce will tell Jim gordon that he is Batman. This will happen in the Birds Of Prey's current series. 

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I don't think she will die. Oracle is too important to both Batman and the superheroes. From the summary on DC comics, I think the Calculator might make an appearance, but then again, he was in Batgirl a while back. It might lead to Oracle retiring or something else. I would probably stop reading BoP if she dies.

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I think it's a metaphorical death

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