New 52 Batgirl Respect Thread (Barbara)

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Barbara Gordon. Daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon. One of the most underrated Bat-Family members. The purpose of this thread is to show people what Babs is made of. Here it goes..

Batgirl #0-1

Prior to becoming Batgirl, defeats man twice her size and with enough force, breaks police baton over his head and KOs him. Batman is impressed.
She then works with Batman and Robin as Batgirl.
Has infrared goggles.
Owns the Brisby Killers.
Reads body language, then with precision, throws a batarang so fast the gunman could not react.
Training before becoming Batgirl

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Batgirl #2

Sneaks up on The Mirror
Quick Thinking
Gets up from being slammed into a cab
Holds her own against The Mirror, despite having broken ribs.
Finds Mirror's home

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I actually really love this title.

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This is great can't believe there wasn't a respect thread for babs

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Birds of Prey #7

Swerves bullet to the face, then one-shots Starling
KOs someone with batarang

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Batgirl #3

Great showcase of agility and acrobatics (jumps on moving train, etc)
Catches Nightwing off-guard
Batgirl vs Nightwing

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Nice i could never find barbara scans

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Nightwing #4

Accuracy with batarangs
Acrobatics & Surveillance with Nightwing
Figures out who's the real NW, then hits the fake with a batarang. Then dodges a speedblitz
Dodges bullets and rushes gunmen

Batgirl #4

Rushes gunmen and KOs them
Batgirl vs Mirror rematch (She KOs him)

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Batgirl #5

Showcases great accuracy with batarang, then dodges machine gun fire and rushes shooters.
Batgirl is very compassionate, and will always try to save your life; despite murdering multiple people right in front of her.
1. Takes hits from Gretel 2.Compound plastic in her gloves protects her from blade 3. Always helps citizens before chasing the perp!
Figures out he can't feel pain, and KOs him anyway.
The rest of the above scan.

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@sync1: nice work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Batgirl #6

Batgirl vs "Brainwashed" Bruce Wayne (keep in mind, he was mostly faking it)

Warm moment between Barbara and Bruce :P
Figures out cops are brainwashed, then moves fast enough to get Bruce out of the way of their gunfire. True showcase of speed.
1. Ricochets batarang on multiple police wearing Riot gear, KOing them 2. Then finishes off the rest.
Fights Gretel alongside Batman.

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Batgirl #7

Makes creative use of Grappling Gun
Batgirl vs Black Canary h2h
Sneaks up on bodyguards and takes them out from above.
Disarms goon with batarang, and KOs the rest

Batgirl #8

Can't sneak up on Batgirl ;D
Scares off goon
Gets up from Grotesque's electric shock, then proceeds to destroy him.

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@sync1 I love you for doing this, seriously :D

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Batgirl #10

Batgirl vs Ricky's Gang
Saves Ricky, then fights Katharsis

Batgirl #11

Fighting against the Disgraced
Studies environment, figures out what Detective McKenna was up to, then pins her down.

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Batgirl #12

Analyzes Batwoman, figures out how she fights, and mentions she has a speed advantage.
Batgirl vs The Disgraced rematch

Batgirl #13

Gets up from being stabbed, then proceeds to defeat Knightfall. Great endurance feat.

Batgirl #14

Lays a beat down on Joker's thugs sent to kill Barbara in her home. (again)

Batgirl #15

Sneaks up and KOs Joker's guards

Batgirl vs Joker. Almost kills him..
Knocks out thug for standing in the way of the ice machine. I thought this was funny. xD

Batgirl #16

Dreams about killing the Joker

Disarms one of Joker's men before they could react, then knocks out another
Batgirl vs Joker & Thugs (batarang feats too)

Batgirl #17

Has equipment that neutralizes missiles/rockets
Suit is fireproof - withstands Firebug's flames

Batgirl #18

Withstands flamethrower, explosion, and building collapsing. Impressive durability feat
Then tracks down and KOs Firebug that same night

Batgirl #19

Gets up from suffering concussion and beats the crap out of her brother
Throws batarang so fast that James could not react, and with precision lands it in his eye
Then evades her dad

Batgirl #20

Dodges taser, and KOs cops

Batgirl #21

Gloves have light built-in

Batgirl #22

As Barbara Gordon, KOs gang members with Ricky

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Wow...Batgirl is a bullet timer...nice....nice..

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Batgirl #23

Babs beating up cops
Babs fighting thugs

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Nice i love barbs my fave batgirl after cass. So glad the new 52 took her out of the wheel chair she is better in the field

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More, please.

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@senglord: Gotcha ;D

Babs owning three of penguin's metahuman guards
Then disarms Starling
Batgirl vs Black Canary and Starling
Batgirl vs Black Canary and Starling
Barbara states she could've disarmed her at any moment.

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Didn't even know this existed. Happy I found it.

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@sync1: wow. I feel that DC nerfed Canary in h2h. Impressive though since Babs is still new.

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very good research!!! Barbara Gordon has been shown as a badass in the New 52, i love this title, actually it´s the only one that i've been Reading eagerly ever since it was released.

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@hyperman: @senglord: @jayc1324: More scans:

Batgirl #26

Batgirl vs Every single one of her villains thus far. One of her greatest combat showcases.
Badass picture.

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@jayc1324: @hyperman: @rustyroy: @senglord: More scans. I actually have a lot, but i'm just too lazy to upload them.

Batgirl #28

Surveillance & diving from a building
Decking Strix (Talon). Supposedly, "no one can tag her"
Barbara won't hesitate to fight dirty

Batgirl #29

Batgirl & Strix vs Silver. Batgirl does substantially better.

Batgirl #30

Has an EMF reader. Thinks like Dick Grayson.
Batgirl vs Midnight Man . Her quick-thinking allowed her to defeat him .

Batgirl #31

Has some nifty gadgets (tracker, laser, lenses, etc)
Batgirl vs Ragdoll . Uses tactical strikes to make him submit .

Batgirl #32

Batgirl vs Group of Assassins . KOs almost all of them .
Barbara Gordon vs Obscura . Babs is the first one to tag her, supposedly.
Apperance of The Huntress . Not a feat, just a cool scene .

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