Just pondering about the killing Joke

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So this may have been done before but I was going through some GN this past weekend and came across of my favorites the Killing Joke. 
 As I was reading it, I happened to start to really think about the all the little things... and something wasn't sitting right with me. 
 How did Barbra get shot by the Joker, I know at this point she had been out of the Batgirl costume for a while, but you would think that those instincts would kick in. She had training from Batman had been batgirl for a good long time, dodge bullets in the past and still kept physically fit (note the comment her and Jim's Yoga Class). It just started to eat at me... I know that there will be comments about him shooting as soon as she opened the door, etc.. but I don't buy that,  the way the panels read or flow, she saw it she had time to react and  Move....

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You know, this is a little thing that you can often forget when reading comics, but humans can't dodge bullets. Especially not at point blank range that was seen in the comic. When someone's shooting you from across the warehouse you can predict by moving before they're ready to fire, using cover, utilizing the environment so they're not willing to hit you (I.E. being next to something the shooter doesn't want to hit), playing with the shooters to throw of their aim (Smoke and mirror, and OMG IT'S BATMAN!!! stuff), and of course, relying on ten metric tons of luck. There is realistically no way to escape a being held a gunpoint of a focused shooter. Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Cassandra Cain, none of them would have escaped that shot.

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I don'y know about you but, I really hate that i wish Barbara would get cured and return to being Batgirl she was the best :(

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