Is she Nightwing's True Love?

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I'd like to think so. I do love her she has more character and grit in my opinion. She also has more history. This is basically a Barbara vs. Starfire poll or forum thingy^^;. But I wanted it on this one since I'm hoping to find more Barbara fans. Ever since the cartoon Teen Titans, everyone seems to forget the Dick-Babs couple. Its all Starfire and Robin now:P. But to put another idea to this is Dick even meant to find a true love, a real wife? 
I think its obvious that Teen Titans' owners want Star and Dick. But most likely a few on Batman prefer Dick-Babs. Kinda a toughie when one character belongs to two popular series. Like I said I've always prefered Barbara. She's a goregous hacker. And she never let her disability get her down. Not to mention her whole world or story line didn't have her love obsession with Dick. She's mature and understanding. The relationship didn't happen on physical attraction or lust. It happened from friendship and developed into more. Even when she got rejected(or did she reject himoO?) she didn't act like she'd die from it. She went on doing what she can do. Protecting the inoccent. But anyway who do you guys prefer?  
Babs or Starfire? Note: No judgement on figures:P. I just don't wanna hear anyone say "Oh Starfire cause she's gotta a hot body".

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Babs is the one.  She's his true love.  They should be together.  They're best together.
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Starfire is better 

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This has already been addressed in Dick Grayson's Forum.  Here.

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