Is it true that she will be meeting the Joker in BoP #120?

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Well, is it? Cause I don't think she's met him since The Killing Joke.

#2 Posted by Platinumwarrior (2851 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes it is true and i really want to see her beat the crap outta him lol

#3 Posted by Methos (40533 posts) - - Show Bio

oh hell...

now that issue has to go on my pull list...


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#5 Posted by Methos (40533 posts) - - Show Bio
TheDrifter said:

Birds of Prey

#6 Posted by TheDrifter (24789 posts) - - Show Bio
Methos said:
"TheDrifter said:

Birds of Prey

Oh, I'll have to pick up the issue
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Whens it coming out?

#8 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

isn't it out now?

#9 Posted by Buckshot (19356 posts) - - Show Bio

120 came out but Joker only appeared at the end. They might see each other in the coming issues.

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Birds of Prey #121

Written by Tony Bedard; Art by Michael O'Hare and John Floyd; Cover by Stephane Roux

The Joker infiltrates the high-tech gang network of the Birds' new hometown, Platinum Flats! And that's going to set him up for a direct conflict with Oracle, Barbara Gordon!

    DC Universe | 32pg. | Color | $2.99 US

    On Sale August 20, 2008

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I can't wait for next month to get here because I'm really looking forward to see what goes down when Barbara and the Joker finally face off again.  When I got to that final page of #122 I think it was the most excited I've been about a comic book cliffhanger.  I can't wait for next month and issue #123 to get here.  I hope Babs gets to deliver him some long overdue payback.

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Isn't the Joker HER arch nemesis as well as Batman's? He should show up more often. I'll never forget their recent battle: She tries to get over her fear of him & breaks his teeth with a billy club or lead pipe, but after being pistol-whipped, hits with a potted palm tree, & tossed down the stairs in her wheel chair, I don't think her plan went over very well. The Joker gettingnew teeth was predictable, but he kills the surgeons. Why bother being rich if you're not going to spend?

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I think the Joker throws her down the stairs in the fight.
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Ugh, BOP #123 was the biggest disappointment all year.

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