is Batgirl's new rival Joker's Daughter?

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Cover of Batgirl 21
DC's intro art of jokers daughter'

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You know its creepy enough wearing your own chopped off face, its even creepier wearing someone elses face flap...

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I am not a fan of Joker girl

( + )

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The first picture looks more like a girl Ventriloquist to me.

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They could be the same person. But I doubt it she's actually Joker's daughter. As previously speculated, Duela Dent seems like a fair candidate. That would explain her this (presumably) new female Ventriloquist and the teaser of Joker's "daughter".

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yea was thinking that as well. the girl on the cover is the Ventriloquist officially but she looks very Joker-ish in appearance on the other covers. not to mention she looks a lot like the Joker's daughter tease, so I believe it may be the same person. is she actually Joker's Daughter, who knows?. apparently Joker has tons of "Harley Quinn's" before our Harley Quinn. (this was revealed in suicide squad during the cross-over). So it may not be impossible for one of the many "Harley Quinn's" to have had a daughter that Joker took her in and has made her twisted over the years. or she could just be some freak that thinks she is related to Joker and really is not. we know THE Harley Quinn does have children because the Dee Dee's are Harley's Granddaughters in Batman Beyond but this girl looks way to old to be a product of Harley and Joker, but then again since when does DC care about the logical progression of time.

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I'm still not getting used to her, man, she's really creepier than Joker.

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She's going to be in Catwoman. I don't know if she's going to be in other titles, apart from her villain month issue.

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