If not Dick...then who?

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To me Dick and Babs are meant to be together. They are my endgame for sure. They are such an amazing couple and even when they are just friends I can't help but swoon at the love they obviously have for each other. But I would honestly LOVE to see her with Jason. I like the idea of them together. They could turn out to be a really interesting couple. To be honest, Babs never had as many romantic interests/opportunities as others like Dick had. It would be cool to see them reintroduce Jason Bard as a possible romantic interest for her. I just hope they get rid of Ricky. Holy crap was that 'relationship' forced. I don't know if it was DC's idea or Gail Simone's, but it was horrible. They barely knew each other before they were suddenly a couple and Babs was super attached. They have no chemistry and there was no build-up. It's like the powers that be decided Babs needed a little play so they threw her together with the first guy she came across. During Young Justice (cartoon) I liked the idea of her and Roy as well...but that is sort of a crack ship ;). Someone also said Kyle Rayner- that could be interesting!

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Just a normal guy with no connections to any hero or villain.

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@mitran said:

Nobody's said Batwoman yet.

damn I was gonna say Kate Kane also! Also add Starfire into that equation. Red hot threesome!!!

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@batfam24: I'd LOVE to see her having something with Kyle...but it seems Batgirl can ONLY operate in Gotham, don't matter what. Maybe he'll pass by to say hello ;)

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James Gordon Jr.

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Jason Todd

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I'm probably going to get flak, but Bruce Wayne/Batman, in new 52 he's de-aged, and they seem to work pretty well together

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Dinah. Trade one bird-themed superhero with tight pants for another one.

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I always liked the relationship she had with Ted Kord, I thought they connected really well. They probably wouldn't work as well in the new 52 but it is a little sad that most people don't know about Barbara and Ted.

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