Batgirl DCnU Redesign by Jim Lee

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don't care for the spikey organicy looking gloves

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@danhimself: Yeah, I'd prefer something a little more streamlined. 
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@The Dark Huntress: it seems like the spikey organicy look is a constant throughout most of the they were heavily influenced by Witchblade
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I don't like the spiky gloves, nor the Bat-ended boots. Getting a little sick of the body armour detailing on so many costumes.
I'm not a big fan of Jim Lee's designs tbh.

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These "body armor" designs are going to make it a pain in the ass to draw.  I can imagine that most of the pictures will not have them, only the really detailed close ups... I can see the pages having a lack of consistency! =(

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I like it, love it, gotta have more spikey armor costumes please

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hmm... actully interesting to see her legs.
All the covers didn't show her legs for some reason. Going to like this comic, I guess

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@The Dark Huntress said:
Courtesy of DC via Gotham Spoilers 
I like it. Even the crazy wtichblade-style gloves and crazy-detailed boots. Like, like, like.
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I like it. I'm glad her cape is purple. It brings joy to my heart. 

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  Lol, yay for body armor.... <,<

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I like it! 
not at all what I was expecting, but I do like it
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Not bad I could grow to like it:)

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I need heels.

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It's alright, though I'm getting a little tired of EVERYBODY being all armored up in the new DCU.

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Why does every DC hero suddenly need armor? Have they all gone soft or lost their skills?

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It reminds me too much of Christopher Nolan's Batman...I like Batman Arkham Asylum's take on the bat-suits. There they look more fiber-based and such more so than ribbed and spiky.

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I think it's okay, and I think that once I get to see it in the actual interior artwork instead of just covers and Jim Lee promo images, it'll start growing on me a lot more.  However, certain aspects of the style of the costume redesigns are rubbing me the wrong way.  I'm all for functional costumes, and I often like when costumes are drawn to look more like cloth and armor that is worn instead of just a second skin, but drawing more lines doesn't necessarily mean that it'll look better.  I mean, look at this guy: 

Look how many lines are on that Iron Man suit.  EXTREME, right?  In a bunch of ways, a lot of these new redesigns just remind me a lot of when creators back in the 90s were introducing ways to make your favorite superheroes look "edgy" and "hip" and "NOW."  Part of me is surprised the DC redesigns didn't incorporate an excessive amount of pouches and pockets.
And in some cases, it doesn't exactly even make sense.  It looks as if, when they were "redesigning" Hal Jordan's costume, they said, "I don't know... give him shoulder pads?"  And then later, they just figured that Kyle, Guy and John's outfits were completely fine without more armored accents to them.  It's just weird. 
I like a bunch of the redesigned costumes.  I think the Superboy costume (at least the one he's wearing in his solo series) and those of the rest of the Superman family are more or less okay, though I think they have more selling to do on that whole "Kryptonian ceremonial armor" thing, which I also think is a bit lacking in the color yellow.  And I think that Wonder Woman and Green Arrow's costumes are pretty cool as well.  But at the same time, I was also just beginning to really get used to Batman's new costume, which was already armored up enough (and I did really enjoy that glowing yellow bat emblem), so I have no idea why they felt the need to change it again.
But then again, Spider-Man can apparently have 3-4 new costumes in a matter of a couple months, so what the hell do I know.

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@ragdollpurps said:
I like it. I'm glad her cape is purple. It brings joy to my heart. 
Haha. :) I was just admiring the cape as well. :)
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@Gambler said:

I like it, love it, gotta have more spikey armor costumes please

I actually really dig it, its bringing her more in line to match up with Bruce.

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