Barbara Gordon

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What the hell? Is she Jim's wife or daughter? I know she is the daughter in killing joke which is where she gets shot. But in Long Halloween she's Jim's wife. Jim has a son, Jim Jr. How many Barbara Gordon's are there?

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Barbara Gordon Sr. is Jim's wife and the mother of Barbara Gordon Jr. and Jim Gordon Jr.

Barbara Gordon Jr. (the daughter) is Batgirl and formerly Oracle. She was the one shot in The Killing Joke.

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@SupBatz: Okay thank you for your help. And on that note what kind of parents just name their kids the same names as theirs? HAHA...alright my Dad did it to me but my sisters have different names to my Mum.

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If I am not mistaken, in the comics Barbara is Jim's ADOPTIVE daughter

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Yes... Barbara Gordon Sr. is Jim Gordon's ex-wife who left him due to Gotham Criminals threatening her. She took James Gordon Jr. with her and he eventually ended up in a mental asylum and then a serial killer.

Barbara Gordon Jr. is Jim Gordon's niece/adopted daughter of his sister. I forget her previous sur-name but after several years Barbara changed her name officially to Gordon. Her mother, father, and I believe a brother were all murdered and/or in a car accident that killed all of them during the events that also lead to Barbara Gordon Sr. leaving. BG Jr. was never adopted by BG Sr. I also forget if BG Sr. died or not at some point, but I do know they were divorced.

Though that is not exactly accurate in Flashpoint, because idiot writers/editor have decided to mess with the canon and now Barbara Sr. and Jr. are mother and daughter apparently.

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: Well, according to the New 52, which should be the version that actually matters from now on, she's Jim and Barbara's biological daugther. (if not, nothing has been told about it yet)

Barbara Sr. left her and Jim apparently because of James Jr, mas there seems to be more about it.

Yeah, the names are a little silly: James and Barbara, James Jr and Barbara Jr XP

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.........a girl jr.?

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@jointron33 said:

.........a girl jr.?

Haha, I just repeated what was written before

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