Barbara and Bruce?

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I know that in the animated just like in the movies they take liberties and all

But I was watching Batman mystery of the Batwoman and I notice that Barbara was showing interest in Bruce.

Where they ever together in the comics? Did Barbara ever hinted affection toward Bruce as in more personal?

I know she was with Dick so is unlikely for Bruce to do something like that to Grayson, but just curious

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It was implied they did, yeah, which is just NOT WANTED.

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In the comics it was implied in the seventies and the elseworlds Batman Thrillkiller series she was having an affair behind Robin's back with him. Alot of people say it's weird but he didn't train her she was at least 18 when she first became Batgirl and she wasn't really in a relationship with Dick Grayson till he was NIghtwing years later when she was Oracle so it's okay.

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there was a Bruce Timm interview where he said he was pairing Barbra with Bruce. She has shown interest in him in a one or two BTAS episodes. But Bruce never seemed to view her as more of an ally.

However, if you watch Batman Beyond Barbara tells Terry that she and Bruce were an item after Dick left and went to Bludhaven

The only other time this relationship is hinted at in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

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I think they'd make a great couple, very cute!


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I think Bruce Timm has a thing for the possible relationship, but I don't think it's ever gotten beyond being slightly hinted at in the comics.

Personally, I think it would be kinda weird, just because I've always seen Bruce as a Father to the kids. I suppose it's different since Barbara isn't an orphan and has a good relationship with The Commish, but it's such a complicated relationship right off the bat, and Bruce doesn't exactly "give-in" to women like most guys do in these situations. Dating a sidekick would be completely distracting, forcing Bruce to become emotionally-involved in ways he's never been before as far as his War on Crime goes. Even if Bruce was able to control himself in that department, would he even want to risk it? No. Plus, this would possibly make things even more uneasy and awkward around Commish Gordon, and most certainly put that more much tension between he and Dick, two more things Bruce would be against risking if it wasn't needed. If HE was the one that fell in love, which I don't think Bruce is entirely capable of anyway, that would be different. But since it's always been Barbara that's been any kind of aggressor, he's probably chalk it up to a simple crush and think nothing more about it.

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roflol... um, no thanks... not in any way shape or form do i want a Batman / Batgirl (Bruce / Barbara) relationship...
it's just freaky... their ages are a little scary as is... 
Barbara started at Batgirl when she was 16... while Bruce was already in his mid Thirties... literally, he was double her age...
Ages have slowed a bit since then, but Barbara is still only in her mid to late twenties, while Batman is early to mid forties now by my reckoning...
Barbara should be with Dick, that's the perfect relationship :D

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