Babs and Bruce

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It seems there will be a romance between these characters...that will, possibly, make them start a family of their own. It's said to start on July.

Honestly...I'm excited to see how it's gonna go. I believe it'll be well written (better than Bruce and Babs relationship to Selina and Dick in the New 52 for sure ¬¬)

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Query: You couldn't possibly have believed anyone would buy this for a second?

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@jinx17 said:


If you're talking about Bruce and Babs, no, it was just a white lie for April 1st (kind of fail if you ask me, but people have already bought worse things). ^^

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@x9: Wasn't actually bad really especially with how some other Batman Beyond things have popped up. Shouldn't have mentioned the starting a family thing. That's when you really lose the people who might have bought into it.

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@dernman: Hey, thanks for the nice words haha :)

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@x9: I wouldn't have minded it really if it happened although Snyder said they kind of have a fahter/daughter relationship so that would've been weird and dating you're son/brother/friend's ex could get very awkward. Annyways I'm too late for the party so I guess the jokes on you.

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