anyone else think Oracle is kinda hot...and awesome

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not only is she hot,but i kinda felt bad the whole time she was paralyzed..i like the incarnations of her that make her look that age 25 or so,not like a 11 year old big headed girl from "the batman"....also is she AWESOME....START A RESPECT THREAD SOMEONE...batgirl especially deserves it...she is beyond awesome,and as long as she is a good tech expert like she was pre new 52,i am more than happy for her to reprise her role as batgirl

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Kinda hot is an insult and yes she is straight up awesome

#3 Posted by cameron83 (7643 posts) - - Show Bio

@Brazen_Intellect: well it wasnt meant to be,what i mean is that she is 9000% percent hot,looks even better,in my opinion,than megan fox....and even though 9000% is impossible,oracle knows computers well,she can make it possible,take THAT JARVIS...smh,400% capacity

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No. Out of 7 billion people on the planet, you're the only freaking guy that thinks this way.

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@cameron83: She may not be very good at walking, (That's NOT her fault!) But she's pretty good at eveything else! So I'd have to agree that she is indeed hot!... AND awesome!

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I miss Oracle. Batgirl is cool and all, but Oracle was the sh!t.

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Kinda Hot? pfft, she's smokin' hot, and one of the best female characters in comics.

#8 Posted by Madame_Mist (1325 posts) - - Show Bio

I miss Oracle so much....There are plenty of Batgirls but only one Oracle.

#9 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

Hot because she is showing her boobs? I think babs can still show her boobs right now. lol.

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Barbara and Dick are greatest characters, ever.

#11 Posted by SuperShafe (470 posts) - - Show Bio

Knightwing does.

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She's beautiful.

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@jrock85 said:

She's beautiful.


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She is around my hell yeah she is hot.

#15 Posted by Stronger (4948 posts) - - Show Bio

@daredevil21134 said:

@jrock85 said:

She's beautiful.


Hell yeah!

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Any woman you can look down there shirt and see there navel is hot.

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I miss Babs as Oracle for a lot of reasons, but she wasn't hot just because she was in a wheelchair. Maybe you just mean she looked good in civilian clothes? That's can still be true.

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I beginning to think the next oracle could be Harper Row!!

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Oracle and Black Canary the real Birds fo Prey

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@The Stegman said:

Kinda Hot? pfft, she's smokin' hot, and one of the best female characters in comics.



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