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Don't Call Me Babe

Barbara or Barb Wire as she is known is always getting into trouble. She from the town on Steel Harbor where she works at a club called the Hammerhead. This being fact her main job is working as a bounty hunter. Fortunately for her she has a brother (Charlie Kopetski) that is willing to help her.

Charlie is blind but he is still a mechanical genius. He helps his sister with her adventures by inventing most of her weapons. Barb Wire turns to her brother for help whenever she needs a new weapon. One trait Barb Wire keeps telling people is "don't call me Babe" The reason for this is that she did not want to be compared to another hero called Babe.

As a bounty hunter Barb Wire has chased many bounty's in Steel Harbor as well as Arcadia. In Arcadia she came in contact with the "Woman in White" the Ghost. She and the Ghost became friends but they do have their moments of conflict. Barb is not much for fighting the supernatural. She much more prefers a target she can hit and shoot.

Other Media

Too hot to handle

Barb Wire

In 1996 the film Barb Wire debuted. The film starred Pamela Anderson.

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