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 "On the verge of her 18th birthday, Jinky Coronado had it all" the adoration of countless classmates, a successful streak of beauty pageant winnings, and loving friends and family. Everything would be just perfect, if it wasn't for the strange dreams and nightmares that plague her! In one of her recurring dreams, she's a princess whose father was slain by a masked assassin. I another dream, she's freedom fighter from the future, at war with a monstrous alien race. When the evil creature from her dreams start crossing into reality, the high-kicking schoolgirl and her fearless friends strikes out to save the world!"
 The adults in her town, including her parents, were possessed by the Shadow Whisperers, until Jinky drove them out. She would go on to battle a Snakeman living under a shopping mall and the horrific vampire Manananggal. Jinky and her friend Michelle would later launch a pop career, but Jinky returned to monster fighting when a Kapre started preying on local school kids.

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