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In many ways, Bantor is a walking paradox. On the one hand, he's stealthy, circumspect and measured warrior, capable of great restraing and patience. His innate understanding of jungle terrain means he's able to use natural cover to its fullest extent, making him practically impossible to spot until he's right on top of you. However, sometimes Bantor's great reserves of patience - suddenly, without warning - just run dry and he, quite literally, goes ape! When that happens, Bantor is a whirlwind of fierce and furious action, paying little regard for anyone - friend or foe - in arm's reach. Thankfully, such frenzied interludes are short-lived.


Weapons and Abilities

A close-combat melee fighter, possessing great speed and strength, Bantor rarely ever bothers with actualy weaponry. Instead, he relies on his stealth and his two good fist. In fact, Bantor's right arm possesses hyper-reflex musculature, making for something of a piledriver punch. In those instances, a second blow is rarely required. A demolitions expert, Bantor is renowned for his explosive traps and snares.


Bantor occasionally expends great time and effort on his tactical game only to just abandon caution and chaaaaaaarge!

Beast Form

Bantor possesses the beast form of a cross between a baboon and tiger, with the body of a tiger and head of a baboon.
Bantor's Beast Form

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