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American Comic Group (AGC) 1948 - 1967 didn’t have many continuing characters, in there almost 20 years they only came up with two superheroes (three if you count the Fat Fury.)

It was in their two Western titles, Blazing West and Hooded Horseman however that they racked up most of their series heroes.

It was there that they had their five western heroes that ran off and on throughout the 50s, they were Buffalo Belle, Injun Jones (later for some reason Johnny Injun), the Hooded Horseman, Cowboy Sahib and the Bantam Buckaroo.

B.B. was a short (5’ 4) teenager who worked on a ranch and dealt with cattle rustlers, bandits and the rest using mainly his phenomenal skill with a rope.

Bantam was so good with a lariat that he could disarm bad guys by casting it over a boulder, looping it around their six-shooter and whipping it away.

After that he took out the disarmed galoot in the required Wild West manner.    

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