Batman: Vengeance of Bane: This issue tells Bane's origin story.

Knightfall: This is the story arc for which Bane is most well known. It tells the tale of how Bane broke the Bat.

Batman: Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption: Imprisoned again following his defeat at the hands of Azrael, Bane must rehabilitate and redeem himself.

Batman: Bane of the Demon: In his journey to find his father, Bane crosses paths with Talia Al Ghul and her father's League of Assassins.

Legacy: Bane fights against Batman again while he works in the service of Ra's Al Ghul.

Batman: Bane: Escaping capture after being defeated by Batman during the Legacy story arc by being drifted out to sea, Bane hijacks a nuclear-powered ship and threatens to use it to destroy Gotham City by blowing it up in Gotham Harbor.

No Man's Land: Bane is hired by Lex Luthor as his bodyguard.

Batman: Gotham Knights #33-36 (Tabula Rasa): Bane reunites with Batman and company, but this time they're not on opposing sides.

Batman: Gotham Knights #46-49 (Veritas Liberat): Bane finally finds his father. He is faced with an ethical dilemma: will he follow his father down an evil path or continue on his path of redemption?

Secret Six

New 52

Batman: The Dark Knight #1-7: Bane tries to get control of the underworld in Gotham City by unleashing a new venom strain among criminals to kill them off. He also uses Venom again as part of the reboot, but he is immune to the adverse side effects unlike the other villains who used it such as Two-Face, Ventriloquist, and Clayface.

Detective Comics #19 - The 900; Birth of a Family; Birdwatching; War Council; Through a Blue Lens: Bane has a story in this giant-sized issue of Detective Comics in which it is revealed that he has a bone to pick with the Court of Owls.

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