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Me too.

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@ltbrd said:

One of the things I was hoping the revamp would change is the Mr. Hyde-esque transformations Venom does to the user because its a very outdated and rather ridiculous concept. I can understand that some bulking up would occur, but not growing an additional 2-3 feet in height and gaining a Hulk like physique.

Also was hoping they would drop the tubes and back device from Bane's look and go with something a bit closer to a Captain America concept where Bane's injection of Venom was so great (slight origin change where all the blood in his body was slowly mixed with Venom so that the process would be permanent or something) that the effects for him are permanent but he requires regular injections through a small port in the base of his skull (again no tubes or back device he just inserts a canister into the port until its drained) to maintain his maximum strength levels as well as his sanity so he doesn't suffer from withdrawals. Look-wise I would have made him 7 feet tall as a result and his attire is closer to the Nolan film in the sense that he looks like a member of a guerilla military with a trench coat and his trademark mask. That way you get maintain the amazing physical abilities that Bane is known for but also can visually see that he is a military tactician and thus can also compete with Batman on an intellectual level.

This revamp design seems heavily inspired by the Arkham Asylum/City games and doesn't visually suggest to me that this is a guy that Ra's Al Ghul thought was as worthy a heir to his position as Batman.

Good post, I agree with everything.

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Evil Laugh.

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