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@k4tzm4n said:

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the popular DC Comics villain Bane. Some seem to believe he's this large brute who can throw down with heavy hitters like Thing or Superman, while others believe he's a total idiot with no skill. Thankfully, he's neither. The following are key points about (pre-New 52) Bane that everyone should know:

-Intellect-He does indeed have genius level intellect and a photographic memory. This doesn't mean he can read moves like Taskmaster, but he has memorized complete pages of of text from a dead language. He's smart, not an idiot like many forms of media have passed off.

-Skill-He is indeed skilled. How skilled? He's not as good as Batman, but he's by no means far behind, either. Bane has given Batman numerous good fights, as well as held his own against the likes of Jean Paul Valley and swiftly defeated Dick Grayson twice. He's good, but he's not a top 5 kind of guy by any measure.

-Venom-His best feats are off venom. Off venom, it can be disputed Bane physically falls under the peak human-enhanced human range. Bane was literally only on venom during the Knightfall saga and more recently, twice during Gail Simone's Secret Six. The Knightfall levels of venom increase his muscle mass, therefore granting low level superhuman strength (speculated at the 2 ton range max), increased pain tolerance, and with large muscle mass naturally comes a slightly improved durability level.

-Speed-He's not slow and/or clumsy. He's reacted before police could pull the trigger, dodged numerous batarangs, blocked arrows, etc. He has no feats on par with the likes of Daredevil (blocking/cutting bullets), but he has plenty that place him in the peak human range in that regard.

-"Broke the Bat!-Saying "he broke the Bat" holds no actual weight in a debate. It's not difficult to understand what went down in Knightfall, but somehow the mass majority skew it out of proportion. It's simple, Bane wanted to fully defeat Batman, both body and mind. By forcing Batman to face a virtually endless gauntlet, it forced Batman to an all-time low point in terms of physical condition and the mental toll of the event had its own weight, too. When he knew Batman was at his weakest, Bane stepped in to end it. He didn't believe he couldn't beat Batman otherwise, but it was to add insult to injury. His end game plan, if you will. So, please remember that unless Bane has prep and access to his opponents rogue's gallery, the phrase means nothing.

-For Forum Use-For matches, please realize Bane is not going to beat characters like Wolverine, even if he's on venom. Bane is a solid street level combatant, but he's not close to being one of the biggest threats in that roster. Off venom, he can have amazing fights with Batman, but ultimately it's one he isn't going to take a majority. On venom, it could be disputed otherwise. Please keep that in mind when making matches for him.

This is generally informative and well written. However, I will take issue with: "Broke the Bat!" - Saying he Broke the Bat of holds weight in any debate. Not only is the Knightfall saga the original, and in my opinion best, iteration of Bane, but also: 
We will generally hear in a Batman vs anyone debate: "With prep time, Batman eats Galactus and poops out the anti-monitor"  
Well, with prep time, Bane BROKE THE BAT! Bane with prep was able to: 
- Deduce Batman's secret identity  
- Break nearly his rouges gallery out of jail  
- Cripple Batman's mind and body for a long period of time  
These feats are encompassed (or could presumably be encompassed) in the statement "he broke the Bat!" - It is a statement of Bane's intellectual and physical prowess.  
Also, I don't see why Bane needs "access to his opponents rouge's gallery" - yes the Joker and co. factored into Bane's planning, but to assume he NEEDS an entire rouges gallery to face down a single opponent is a stretch,  
By virtue of Bane's deducing of The Batman's identity, we can presume he has the cognitive capacity to plan and carry out schemes that would devastate the majority of street-level superheros. Bane v Daredevil, Spider-Man, or virtually anyone with a secret identity, becomes a more interesting fight when we use the statement "He Broke The Bat".  
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Updated OP with info on new 52 Bane.

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Now I hope new 52 Bane has combat skill and agility as well.

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@entropy_aegis: I hope so, too, but based on that first showing and how he's being portrayed, it seems like they're going the smart powerhouse road instead of the skilled fighter route. Hey, at least he's smart, lol.

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@k4tzm4n said:

@entropy_aegis: I hope so, too, but based on that first showing and how he's being portrayed, it seems like they're going the smart powerhouse road instead of the skilled fighter route. Hey, at least he's smart, lol.

Eh writers will prolly ignore this anyway.

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@k4tzm4n: scare crow please

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Nice thread, you know, two years ago.

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