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Original Bana-Mighdall

The Amazons of Bana-Mighdall long ago broke away from those living on Themiscyra. They chose to reside in the town of Bana-Mighdall. During the Perez run on the Wonder Woman title, in order to visit Themiscyra, it was necessary to pass through an electrical storm, and correspondingly for Bana-Mighdall it was necessary to pass through a sandstorm. The town has more influence from Egyptian or Middle Eastern elements in its architectural design.

As the town hosts a more militaristic group of Amazons, in comparison to Themiscyra there a much stronger focus on security and military power including a much more bigger prison and weapons factories. As this branch of the Amazons lost its immortality by leaving Paradise Island it is necessary to recruit men to father children, which occurs in birthing centers.

During a battle between Shim'Tar and Wonder Woman, the city was destroyed despite appeals to Shim'Tar that her actions were on the verge of tearing the city apart.

New Bana-Mighdall

After Themyscira was put back into place the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall were offered the most desolate section of the island to live upon by Queen Hippolyta as thanks for their aid against the demons.[7] A section of the Banas who still held animosity toward Hippolyta and her Amazons refused and returned to Man's World, becoming a splintered tribe.[8] The Banas that agreed to live among the Themyscirian Amazons agreed and created their own city. They christened the city Bana-Mighdall in honor of their former city in Egypt. Unfortunately, civil war broke out between the two groups of Amazons due to their animosities.[9] The Amazon Artemis took up the title of Shim'Tar and joined Wonder Woman in guiding both tribes to peaceful negotiations. Queen Hippolyta and Princess Diana eventually renounced their crowns, thus ending the war and leaving the island without a structured government.[10] It was later decided that General Philippus of the Themysciran Royal Guard and Artemis would be co-rulers of the island, under the titles of Supreme Grand Chancellors.[11]

During the Our Worlds At War event, the island of Themyscira was destroyed and both Amazon cities no longer existed. Wanting to put past angers aside, Artemis and Philippus put a stop to tribal separation by having one city re-built on the remains of the islands for both peoples to live in, thus unifying the tribes

The island continues to be reconstructed after each attack Man's World inflicts on the Amazons. Despite this the Themyscirian and Bana-Mighdallian Amazons continue to meld both cultures together into one city for both tribes to live in.

Tournament of the Crown

If an Amazon wishes to replace the existing seated Queen of Bana-Mighdall she can call for a Tournament of the Crown. When this happens the Queen and the challenger must duel in a life or death battle. In one case a herald named Faruka was used to announce the challenge between regent queen Nehebka and Shim'Tar.

Royal death

It is custom for the Bana-Mighdallian queen (upon her death) to have her head severed, preserved and then placed upon a spike. The spike is then placed in a tomb of the dead which contains the perfectly preserved heads of all previous queens throughout the centuries. All of the heads are then pointed to look in the same eastern direction with their eyes opened wide to stand vigil over their souls beyond the gates of the after life.

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