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[Continued from GHOST RIDER/BALLISTIC #1.]

At the behest of Zoe Culloden, Wolverine went to the offices of Landau, Luckman & Lake to cross over to the Top Cow Universe to assist in defeating Mephisto. He proceeds through crowds of decadent New Year's Eve revelers, to get to this dimension's LL&L offices in an effort to locate Zoe. There, he finds a man rifling through a file cabinet. Logan questions him, learning only that Zoe was taken by the "Mayor's goons".

Wolverine makes his way to Times Square and gets into a scuffle with a team of armored thugs beating on a person who isn't exhibiting enough depravity for the Mayor's taste. Wolverine falls to a neural stunner, but moments later, the goons are shot dead. Logan recovers and looks up to see Ballistic holding a smoking weapon. The two retreat to a warehouse to compare notes. Ballistic tells him she's searching for her missing ally Heatwave, who is being mind-controlled, and that whatever is happening in Times Square must be stopped before midnight, or Mephisto will claim the souls of all the celebrants.

Soon, the pair ride a zip line to the former church where they suspect the "Mayor" to be. Inside, they find the Mayor is actually the mind-controlled Heatwave and in his company is Zoe, also brainwashed. A battle erupts, and after the armored thugs have been subdued, Wolverine takes on Heatwave while Ballistic tackles Zoe. Zoe snaps out of her trance and shoots Heatwave with her stun gun.

Then the trio hear bells chiming midnight. Rushing to a view of Times Square, they find it devoid of life.

Elsewhere, Mephisto sets his sights on Sara Pezzini.

[To be continued in WOLVERINE/WITCHBLADE #1.]

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