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Real Name: Cassandra Lane

  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 129
  • Eye color: blue
  • Hair: blonde

Born Cassandra Lane, Ballistic was raised by her mother and father. Like her sister, Velocity, Cassandra possessed innate abilities which manifested themselves as she grew older. Her father left the family at a young age and was replaced by an abusive step-father. One night, after the girl's step-father beat their mother, Cassandra killed him by throwing a comb through his heart. This resulted in Velocity being sent to an orphanage and the family separating.

Cassandra learned to use her powers of superhuman athleticism and hand-to-eye coordination as a teenage girl and eventually became the star pitcher of her high school baseball team. Her ex-boyfriend, Tony, became jealous of her success and led a gang of guys to cripple her throwing arm.

Some time later in her life, Cassandra was approached by the company Cyberdata. Cyberdata replaced her crippled arm with that of a highly advanced bionic one. In the process they brainwashed her and trained her to become a Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg (SHOC) thus creating Ballistic.

Cyber Force

Cyberdata assigned Ballistic to re-capture her own sister, Velocity. Ballistic was close to accomplishing her mission until Cyberforce arrived and stopped her. Cyber Force took Ballistic with them as well eventually ridding her of a brainwashed state and helping restore her lost memories. Finally re-united with her sister, Ballistic became a member of the group.

Years later during a mission to help a friend she learned that the man she had known was really her biological father. He died on the mission never revealing this, her finding out through photographs he kept in his locker.

Cassandra and Morgan Stryker would finally give in to the sexual tension that had been building since the two met and began a relationship (of sorts) just before the fall of Cyberdata.


Godly Power

When an old friend, named Shields came to visit her, in a bad shape; Ballistic went to see Killjoy who was also on the mission where Shields was, but found her torn-up as well. Killjoy revealed the location of their last mission, and ballistic decided to go there to find out what happened to her friend. She however wanted to see how Shields was doing before leaving, that night she was turned into Ethreal by Shields' bite. She started to hear Kracus' thoughts in her head, but fought against his call. She arrived to the mission location, and was greeted by Wetworks, while fighting them Ballistic turned more feral and was about to take a bite out of Jester, but was stopped by Mother One. Ballistic was given an inhibitor that sealed away the vampiric side of her. Wetworks asked her to join their mission to release captured Ethreal from Cyberdata and she agreed. Later it turned out that the captives had escaped, and Kracus had released all his power and was on a killing spree. Ballistic had trouble trusting Mother One as she felt that she is connected to Cyberdata somehow. When they arrived to Kracus, and the first plan to nuke him failed, Mother One removed Ballistic's inhibitor to use her Ethreal abilities to fight Kracus. Dia taught Ballistic to control herself better as Ethreal. In a fight with Kracus, Ballistic blasted the Brain Box out of Kracus and that returned him to his regular self. Ballistic promised to look after Kracus and Dia, as she was one of them now. Mother One returned the inhibitor to Ballistic.


Ballistic was born with innate mutant powers which grant her uncanny hand-to-eye coordination. She has received training in unarmed combat, throwing weapons, and firearms and has a bionic arm which grants higher levels of strength and durability. With the combination of bionics, training, and mutant powers, Ballistic is not only a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant, but is also a marksman of unparalleled skill.

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