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Balinor was the sponsor for the Shroud when he joined the Cult of Kali, and became a close friend. His daughter Dalindra also befriended Shroud.

After the Shroud left the cult, Yannroth rose to power as the cult's lama, and began offering the services of the cult's assassins to outside parties. Dalindra became completely devoted to Yannroth's cause, distancing her from her father. Balinor contacted the Shroud to  tell him of a deal between Garrick King and Lassiter for $2,000,000 for the Cult of Kali's services.

The Shroud met with Balinor, and learned from him how the cult had declined since he had left it. When the Shroud asked about Dalindra, Balinor told him that she was dead.

After encountering Dalindra as Kâli, the Shroud confronted Balinor, who confessed that she had become a devotee of Yannroth. He told the Shroud that the cult sought his destruction because he was supposedly destined to destroy it, but he believed that the Shroud would actually redeem the cult. However, to do so would mean having to kill Dalindra, which the Shroud refused to do.

Balinor watched as the Shroud fought Dalindra, and was happy that he did not kill her. He informed the Shroud that he would remain within the Cult of Kali to fight Yannroth's corruption from the inside.

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