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Proper Japanese Title: Ippatsu Shōbu to Ichiwa Kanketsu (一発勝負と一話完結)

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 143: Money and Recycling (お金とリサイクル Okane to Risaikuru)
  • Chapter 144: Company and Winning Strategy (会社と必勝法 Kaisha to Hisshōhō)
  • Chapter 145: Offer and Interruption (提供と停止 Teikyō to Teishi)
  • Chapter 146: Production and Gut Feelings (本番と腹の虫 Honban to Hara no Mushi)
  • Chapter 147: Disposable and Fighting Spirit (使い捨てと闘争心 Tsukaisute to Tōsōshin)
  • Chapter 148: One-shot Deal and Complete Story (一発勝負と一話完結 Ippatsu Shōbu to Ichiwa Kanketsu)
  • Chapter 149: Characteristics and Subjects (持ち味と題材 Mochiaji to Daizai)
  • Chapter 150: Selfishness and Partiality (我儘と贔屓 Wagamama to Hiiki)
  • Chapter 151: Zombie and Devil (ゾンビと悪魔 Zonbi to Akuma)

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