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The story of Takezo a 17 year old young man living in 16th century Japan, with a very troubled past and blood thirty appetite for combat and a fearless drive to become the best swordsman. Shunned by his supersticious community, abused by his father a s a boy, and hunted like a beast after becoming a criminal as the result of fighting on the losing army's side in a war, Takezo is constantly defending himself from execution, and snowballing his crimes and the mark on his head, with each attacker's death that he brings.

He must live in hiding or constantly be on the move and yet before his actions ultimately run him out of town again and again, he gains new skills with each challenge and angry mob he evades. This is the making of a master swordsman and his unbelievable path to get there. It wasn't in the training halls, but through a process of live life and death combat.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: Shinmen Takezo (新免武蔵様)
  • Chapter 2: Akemi (朱実)
  • Chapter 3: Oko (お甲)
  • Chapter 4: The Brigand Tsujikaze (野武士辻風)
  • Chapter 5: Blood Game (血遊び)
  • Chapter 6: The Troubles of Honi'den Matahachi at Seventeen (本位田又八17歳の懊悩)
  • Chapter 7: Farewell Takezo (さらば武蔵)
  • Chapter 8: Miyamoto Village (宮本村)
  • Chapter 9: Fiancee (許嫁)
  • Chapter 10: Left Behind (残された者たち)







Story Arcs

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