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The head of the Legion Vizary.

The first magician's Inferno, he also knows all the secrets of the creation of the world - and did not know any of them. But how is this possible?

By creating a balance of forces in nature, the Almighty dedicated to all the details of this fragile process of two angels, telling them about the secrets and the restrictions imposed on the elements. However, during the rebellion of Satan, the two to the side of the traitors and seeking to have limitless power, unleashed the forces of nature all at once. Opinionated angels thought that they would be able to subdue the elements, but they were wrong: Chaos generated was stronger than their common features. There was a blinding explosion that all traitors merged together, confusing not only their bodies, but also knowledge. Since then, the one who began to call Baffort Rakshor, struggled to remember the forgotten secrets of the divine, but the chaos permeated his spirit and flesh, does not allow him to do so.

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