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 Badger Teeth has some rage issues.
Badger Teeth is a member of an obscure group of villains called the Furious Five alongside teammates Mr. Think, Fumes, Gossip Girl and Haymaker. Fumes would run into Spider-Man on Halloween when he tries to escape after a minor heist. One of Fumes' canisters pops in the air and hits Spider-Man in the back of the head and suffers a concussion as he falls into the alley. A civilian named Rob was dressed as Spider-Man and collapsed nearby in a drunken stupor. Fumes picked up the wrong Spider-Man while Rob's friend took the real Spider-Man back to their apartment. Fumes didn't know what to do so he contacted the rest of the Furious Five. Badger Teeth wanted to kill Spider-Man because it would make the Furious Five the most notorious crew and they would gain respect from their mentors in jail. Some of his teammates didn't want to kill Spider-Man so Badger Teeth became enraged. Haymaker and Gossip Girl tried to restrain him but Badger Teeth knocks them away. Badger Teeth tells Mr. Think that he has been on several teams but has killed his teammates before because of his rage issues. Badger Teeth is about to slash Mr. Think when he sees Fumes untying the fake Spider-Man. Badger Teeth tells Fumes that he doesn't have what it takes to be a villain because he has a conscience. Badger Teeth was about to deliver the killing blow when he gets smacked in the face with a metal pipe by Rob, the fake Spider-Man. Badger Teeth is knocked out when the real Spider-Man appears.


Badger Teeth was created by Seth Meyers, Bill Hader and Kevin Maguire in 2009 and first appeared in Spider-Man: The Short Halloween # 1.

Powers & Abilities

Badger Teeth appears to have enhanced strength, heightened senses due to his animal attributes and razor sharp claws.

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