roxanne_starr's Bad Kids Go To Hell #4 review

The Baddest Dog in the whole damn town

Lou and Wendell are back after a 6-month hiatus...boy, was I excited!
Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of Wendell in this issue. And I like Wendell faaaaar better than the star of this series. He's the Jerry Lewis to Lou's Dean Martin. Imagine that...the werewolf is the straight man! It is precisely Wendell's dialog that gives this comic it's magical (and comical) touch. Lacking an abundance of this ingredient, this installment comes off as "decompressed."
That aside, this issue does have a lot of wacky action. Lou and fellow bounty hunter, Deschain, are in hot pursuit of a coyote who is transporting far more than illegals across the Arizona border. And this extraneous cargo is extremely well drawn. AAMOF the scenes of chaos are far better designed than anything I've seen in this title before. It is apparent that Diego Greco is honing his craft as this story evolves. Too bad I can't say the same for writer, Joe Kelly.


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