harleyquinn12's Bad Girls #1 - TPB review

Bad Girls is Good!

I picked up this trade a while ago,but never reviewed it. Basically,It's about a girl who moves to a new school and encounters some snobby  "Bad Girls". The new girl,Lauren chooses to hang out with these girl until they get superpowers and start ruling the school. She enlists the help of local nerd Ronald to get rid of their powers,which is when she finds out that a potion that he made gave them their powers,accidently.Lauren then obtains powers when Ronald purposely gives her the same serum that gave the other girls their powers. After this one of the "Bad Girls",Destinee,is apparently "killed". The rest of the girls,plus Lauren are abducted by the school's mad scientist,Dr.Heisenberg.,so he can remove their powers. But it turns out that he wasn't the real villian,and after he "removes" their powers,government agents show up to actually abduct the girls.Which is when Destinee shows up,not dead. Lauren then reveals that she set Dr.Heisenberg up to "abduct the girls,and the government agents leave. I thought the series was fantastic! The writing was amazing. Jennifer Graves's art in the first issue was great! Chrstine Norrie's art was fabulous! Darwyn Cooke's covers are amazing! Buy This Book!

Posted by NightFang

I wonder if it could work as a movie or tv show? 

Posted by harleyquinn12
It would work great as a movie!

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