roxanne_starr's Bad Dog #2 - River Rocks review

Every dog must have his day

This is the continuation of the saga that began in Bad Dog #1. I'm not a big Kelly fan, but the cover of #1 intrigued me, so I gave it a shot. The "bad dog" in question is half of a bounty hunting team named Lou, who is a werewolf. Lou is unique among werewolves in that he chooses to remain in his lupine form at all times, so as to always be intimidating in case his quarry should suddenly appear.

However, despite Lou's uniqueness and despite his first-star billing, the really interesting member of this team is his partner, Wendell...a fat, ugly, normal human being who curses more eloquently than any fictional character that comes to mind. Wendell's penchant for storytelling compares, somewhat, to that of the Joker, but with absolutely no charisma whatsoever and no element of dangerous intent implied. Wendell might be dangerous in the end, but as far as I can tell, it is Lou who is the danger. Wendell is just a bungling moron who comes up with more metaphors for sex and masturbation than Moliere.

If you like a lot of bar room the sense of excessive drinking, violence and language, you'll like this book.

Posted by Blue_Shield

Nice review.

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