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Backslash is an Australian thug who has chained a fairy named Hannah to a sword with two blades that resemble the hands on a clock. Hannah acts as a magical conduit to the sword and with a swing of the sword, the blades revolve counter clockwise thus turning back time for only a few seconds. The extent of the sword's potential has yet to be explored due to Backslash's narrow minded imagination. Backslash heads to San Francisco because he is looking for someone named Maccy D's. He encounters a couple of merpeople bathing in the Sutro Baths which was established in 1896. One of the merpeople challenges Backslash for ruining their evening but Backslash overpowers the merman and slaughters the entire group.

Zatanna arrives a moment later to enjoy the Sutro Baths herself. She finds the bodies in the baths and discovers Backslash eating a burger nearby. Zatanna uses her magic spells to disarm Backslash but his sword repels everything she throws at him. With another turn of the sword, Backslash defeats Zatanna and binds her to a statue near the baths. However, Backslash didn't count on Zatanna's magical build-up which is brought on by her not using her powers on a constant basis. This buildup is called palindromes which are spells that can work forward and backwards through time.

In the end, Backslash was so overwhelmed by Zatanna's power that he ends up inflated like a balloon. Zatanna frees Hannah from the sword which makes it useless except for poking things. Zatanna uses the sword to deflate Backslash and Det. Colton arrives to take Backslash to San Quentin. As for Hannah, Zatanna repaired Hannah's right wing which was injured by Backslash when he captured her in England. Hannah thanked Zatanna and flew back to England.            

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