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Backlash was hired by Kyle of Xanadu Amalgamated to assassinate Warstrike as a means to help Senator Kline.

Backlash roared in and attacked Warstrike, forcing the hero to crash his enhanced motorbike. Warstrike then used his precognitive abilities to stay ahead of the flying killer's assault and finally knocked him down. Warstrike forced Backlash to reveal the location of the kidnapped girl he was out to rescue, with Backlash telling him to meet up at Blue Moon Chemicals at 11 p.m. Backlash then rocketed out of Warstrike's grip and away.

Warstrike made it to the rendezvous that night to find Backlash and Blind Faith together. Backlash threw Warstrike a detonator that had a countdown of 5 minutes that had tampered with so that it could not be stopped. Warstrike tossed the timer back after manually reducing it to 44 seconds. Backlash then ran off afraid that he would get caught in the impending blast.


Backlash was created by Dan Danko (writer), Hoang Nguyen (penciler), Bob Downs and Larry Welch (inkers).

Skills and Abilities

Backlash was a technological based villain. He was able to fly nimbly through the use of a pair of rocket boots and had shoulder and wrist mounted guns.

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