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Backlash and Wolf are both masters at stealth and combat. Who would win if both are aware of each others abilities and were sent to capture each other.

Backlash :

Whips: During his final mission with Team 7 ( as seen in Team 7 Objective: Hell #3) he was able to generate Psi-Whips; telekinetic generated psychic tendrils that can rend, coil and produce energy to shock opponents and objects.These Whips have been shown to be strong enough to one-shot a military APC.

Superhuman speed, strength and agility: Due to his Kherubim ancestry Slayton has a degree of superhuman speed, strength and agility. He has been seen dodging volleys of gun fire without hardly any effort and lifting objects well outside the normal scale for a human.

Dematerialization: Due to his Gen-factor Marc can turn himself into mist rendering him completely intangible for a certain period of time. He has even used this ability to enter an enemy's body and kill them for the inside.

Expert hand to hand fighter: Due to the fact that he is over 3 thousand years old Backlash is considered to be the best hand to hand fighter in Wildstorm and has shown on multiple occasions that he is far superior to a lot of Wildstorm's experienced fighters. He has beaten Zealot in hand to hand twice, once without seemingly any effort.

Telekinesis: In extreme circumstances Backlash has been able to use telekinesis. He used it once when faced with Helspont to force the Demonite back.



: Wolf has proven to be an extremely skilled assassin and hand-to-hand combatant. He has the ability to form blades made out of energy from his forearms instantly. He uses these blades offensively by through using their cutting ability against opponents. Wolf also has the ability to become completely invisible, though he does so gradually. This means that his bone structure becomes visible first before his skin and as such it takes a couple of seconds before becoming completely invisible or turning completely visible.

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@micahparadise: As badass as Wolf is he isn't on Slayton's level in combat or in powers.

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Great observation @strider92!!!!! I think Slayton also has the experience and durability advantage.

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